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Map Suite for Android™ and iOS Devices

Develop native mapping applications for Android™ and iOS using Xamarin, Select a platform: Android™  |  iPhone® and iPad®

Map Suite WebAPI Edition for HTML5/JavaScript Apps

Build REST Based web services to render map tiles and provide GIS functionality to your HTML5/JavaScript applications. Get started now

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  • What would you like to do? Please select an option:

    Develop an app
    Use our map controls and components to develop a GIS application in Visual Studio.

    Build a map
    Visualize, analyze, and edit spatial data using our end-user application.

    Track assets
    Utilize our cloud-based GPS tracking platform to geolocate your assets.

  • Who will develop your app?

    I will develop it in-house

    ThinkGeo's expert developers

    Some of each

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  • For what platform(s)?




  • Which Desktop framework(s)?

    Build robust and interactive maps directly into your WinForms applications.

    A .NET-native control that packs the full power of Windows Presentation Foundation.

    No UI. For back-end processes and console applications.

  • Which Web framework(s)?

    Easily build REST based web services to render tiles and provide robust GIS functionality in HTML5/JavaScript web applications.

    A .NET control for programmers that brings interactive maps and GIS functionality to ASP.NET MVC applications.

    Create interactive online mapping applications with ease. Packed with powerful AJAX interactivity.

  • On how many Production Servers will your app run?

    Less than 5
    Pay for each server individually.

    Install your app on as many servers as you like.

  • Which Mobile Framework(s)?

    Utilize the power of the Xamarin mobile platform and Map Suite together to develop native Android apps using the C# language and .NET libraries you already know.

    A powerful .NET control that lets you add interactive maps and professional-grade GIS to your iPhone® and iPad® apps using Xamarin.

  • Do you require additional mapping capabilities?

    Convert a street address into a geographic location and vice-versa.

    Calculates routes and driving directions.

    WMS Server
    Build a server that is dedicated to serving up WMS tiles for consumption on all your platforms.

    Not at this time

  • Do you require street-level base maps?

    Hosted online.

    Stored locally.

    Not at this time

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    All ThinkGeo products are royalty-free! That gives you the ability to deploy to as many users as you like without additional charge. ThinkGeo’s Map Suite Developer Products are licensed per developer. There are two types of developer license models available: Subscription and Perpetual.

    Enables development for one year.

    Develop against the current version indefinitely.

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  • Build a Map with the Map Suite GIS Editor

    The GIS Editor map software makes professional mapping easy.

    The Map Suite GIS Editor for Windows lets you design stunning custom maps, perform geo-analysis and visualize your spatial data. With mapping that’s powerful enough for professional GIS technicians, yet accessible enough for nearly anyone who needs to create a customized map, the GIS Editor was created as a single-application solution to all of your GIS visualization, customization and mapping needs.

  • Track Assets with the Map Suite GPS Tracking Server

    Full-featured GPS tracking.

    ThinkGeo’s Map Suite GPS Tracking Server is a web-based GPS tracking platform based on the core GIS components of Map Suite, which can be deployed to provide full-featured GPS tracking anywhere in the world. You can customize the system easily via its modular tracking device support and robust developer APIs, or gain full control with the available source code option.

    ThinkGeo’s Map Suite GPS Tracking Server is the ultimate solution for a developer-centric GPS tracking system.

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