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[RESX:TopicRead] Map Suite 9.0 Has Arrived With Aerial Imagery For World Map Kit Online

Posted on 06-24-2015 08:30 AM by ThinkGeo 750 views 0 comment(s)

ThinkGeo has released version 9.0 of Map Suite, its full line of GIS software components for .NET developers. This major milestone refreshes ThinkGeo's Map Suite product line with a wide variety of enhancements. It includes Aerial Imagery for the Map Suite World Map Kit Online, Xamarin.Forms in the Map Suite iOS and Android Editions, support for Google Traffic and Street View in the Map Suite Web... (read more)

[RESX:TopicRead] Map Suite iOS Edition now supports 64-bit apps

Posted on 03-09-2015 02:32 PM by ThinkGeo 647 views 0 comment(s)

ThinkGeo has updated their Map Suite iOS edition to support
64-bit applications.
Since February 1, 2015, new iOS apps uploaded to the App
Store must include 64-bit support and be built with the iOS SDK; from June 1,
2015, app updates will also need to follow the same requirements. For
more information, see:

Xamarin has created a Unified API to... (read more)

[RESX:TopicRead] Updated Version of Map Suite GIS Editor Available!

Posted on 01-15-2015 10:10 AM by ThinkGeo 938 views 0 comment(s)

ThinkGeo has updated their Map Suite GIS Editor application, designed for Geographic Information System professionals. The upgrade includes a number of new features, bug fixes, and stability improvements. This is a major product update and the most significant update since the product was first released.
Here's what you can look forward to in the latest release of the GIS Editor:

Microsof... (read more)

[RESX:TopicRead] Subscription Licensing Options Now Available for Map Suite!

Posted on 12-03-2014 08:28 AM by ThinkGeo 1078 views 0 comment(s)

Inspired by feedback from the community, ThinkGeo is pleased to offer an additional licensing model for Map Suite products. Map Suite is still licensed by developer but now there are two different types of licensing models available, subscription and perpetual.
Subscription licensing enables development for one year. After one year you must purchase a new subscription to continue developing.
Per... (read more)

[RESX:TopicRead] New World Map Kit is Here!

Posted on 12-02-2014 03:15 PM by ThinkGeo 965 views 0 comment(s)

ThinkGeo is pleased to announce the release of the updated World Map Kit Online and World Map Kit SDK. In September we announced the release of the World Map Kit Online. View the World Map Kit Online demo here. Now we are
happy to announce the release of the World Map Kit SDK Edition. The latest
World Map Kit is based on data from OpenStreetMap and includes world-wide
street level cov... (read more)

[RESX:TopicRead] Map Suite for Android, iOS and WebAPI Now Available!

Posted on 11-24-2014 10:33 AM by ThinkGeo 811 views 0 comment(s)

We are proud to announce several new products to the Map Suite family. With the release of the Map Suite Android, iOS and WebAPI editions, developing mobile friendly applications on a variety of platforms has never been easier. These new products can be accessed via the latest ThinkGeo Product Center which offers real-time access to the latest Map Suite products, daily builds, complete library of... (read more)

[RESX:TopicRead] Code Sample: Touch Events in WPF Desktop Edition

Posted on 07-02-2014 04:14 PM by ThinkGeo 2353 views 0 comment(s)

Many of our customers have requested this enhancement, and now it's finally here: touch events in Map Suite WPF Desktop Edition!
Using the latest developer daily build of WPF Desktop Edition (version or higher), you can now support a variety of touch events in your Map Suite WPF projects. For starters, this means you can swipe with one finger to pan the map, spread out two fingers to zo... (read more)

[RESX:TopicRead] New Code Sample: SQLInMemoryLayer

Posted on 06-12-2014 03:00 PM by ThinkGeo 1551 views 0 comment(s)

We've just added a new code sample to the ThinkGeo wiki which answers a question we commonly hear from Map Suite developers: How do I quickly read feature data from a SQL Server table and display it on my map? Perhaps the easiest way to do this is by using an InMemoryFeatureLayer in combination with a SqlDataReader.
Today's code sample not only shows how to read features from SQL, it also shows ... (read more)

[RESX:TopicRead] Map Suite 8.0 Now Available

Posted on 06-10-2014 03:40 PM by ThinkGeo 25741 views 6 comment(s)

Map Suite 8.0 has arrived, and it comes packaged in the shiny new ThinkGeo Product Center application! Version 8.0 of Map Suite itself delivers an array of new features that includes native support for KML, S-57, DWG/DXF, GPX and Tobin BAS; built-in weather radar and weather station layers from NOAA; reprojection support for Google Maps / Bing Maps / OpenStreetMap; COGO functionalities for civil ... (read more)

[RESX:TopicRead] Introducing Map Suite for Android and iOS Devices

Posted on 02-24-2014 03:55 PM by ThinkGeo 2121 views 0 comment(s)

We are excited to introduce you to two new upcoming products in the Map Suite family: Map Suite for Android™ and Map Suite for iOS. These are full-featured .NET developer controls that allow you to add powerful mapping and GIS features to your mobile apps — without having to learn how to develop for Android or iOS!
That's right: you can write your entire Android, iPhone o... (read more)

[RESX:TopicRead] Map Suite 8.0 Beta Features Now Available via the Daily Builds

Posted on 12-11-2013 12:22 PM by ThinkGeo 11548 views 2 comment(s)

As part of Map Suite's new annual release cycle, we will be incrementally unveiling new features and enhancements that are targeted for the next major version via our Daily Development Builds. This will give our users a chance to get the newest features before the mid-2014 release of Map Suite 8.0, and also allow us to collect feedback on these new features as we work to polish and perfect them. ... (read more)

[RESX:TopicRead] GIS Editor Beta Concludes: New Release Available!

Posted on 09-03-2013 02:49 PM by ThinkGeo 8523 views 0 comment(s)

The beta period for Map Suite GIS Editor has ended and we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their participation. As of today, we've launched an updated version of the GIS Editor that adds numerous new features, improves performance and squashes the bugs you reported. And, as a token of our appreciation, those of you who tested the GIS Editor during the beta wi... (read more)

[RESX:TopicRead] Map Suite Windows Phone Edition Update Released

Posted on 07-26-2013 11:48 AM by ThinkGeo 2011 views 4 comment(s)

Coming on the heels of our Map Suite 7.0 major refresh, today we have issued an update to Map Suite Windows Phone Edition. The new version allows you create striking GIS and mapping applications for Windows Phone 8 mobile devices, including the latest WP8 phones like the Nokia Lumia 1020.
Map Suite Windows Phone 7.0 has inherited the major core changes introduced in Map Suite 7.0 last month, off... (read more)

[RESX:TopicRead] Map Suite 7.0 Now Available

Posted on 06-05-2013 09:37 AM by ThinkGeo 11859 views 0 comment(s)

Map Suite 7.0 has arrived! Today, you can get version 7.0 of any of our Map Suite .NET GIS controls, components and servers, which deliver some incredible performance enhancements, many new features, and bug fixes. Among key new features are improved geometric functions, native support for FileGeodatabases, the addition of Kriging grid interpolation algorithms, topology validation and more. ... (read more)

[RESX:TopicRead] Notice: Daily Builds "On Pause" in Preparation for Map Suite 7.0

Posted on 05-20-2013 01:34 PM by ThinkGeo 1228 views 0 comment(s)

Our Map Suite development team has begun final preparations for the upcoming launch of Map Suite 7.0, targeted for the end of May 2013. Starting now, new Daily Builds will not be generated as we enter a code freeze and review period. Creation and posting of new daily builds will resume after the 7.0 release. ... (read more)

[RESX:TopicRead] GIS Editor Trial Period Extended For All

Posted on 02-25-2013 09:36 AM by ThinkGeo 1414 views 0 comment(s)

Good news for Map Suite GIS Editor users: we've temporarily done away with the 14-day evaluation limit and have extended all trial subscriptions through mid- to late-second quarter 2013, for the remainder of the GIS Editor's beta period.

We've heard lots of great feedback from the community as you've begun using the GIS Editor, and we want to hear more. That's why we're extending the free tria... (read more)

[RESX:TopicRead] Map Suite GIS Editor is Now Available!

Posted on 12-28-2012 10:30 AM by ThinkGeo 2135 views 0 comment(s)

It's Finally Here!

It turns out that December 2012 didn't deliver the Mayan Apocalypse — it delivered the Map Suite GIS Editor. That's right: The initial public beta of the GIS Editor is now available for immediate download!

The Map Suite GIS Editor for Windows lets you design stunning maps, perform geo-analysis and visualize your data. Powerful enough for professional GIS technicians... (read more)

[RESX:TopicRead] New Dependencies Guides for Map Suite

Posted on 11-28-2012 12:10 PM by ThinkGeo 1177 views 0 comment(s)

We have recently added a new Dependencies Guide to each "Product Guides" section of the Map Suite Wiki, with a separate guide specially tailored to each product edition. In this guide you will find a convenient grid listing each of our features that requires a dependency, the dependency version and the location where you can acquire it. We split the grid into two sections, showing separate areas... (read more)

[RESX:TopicRead] Map Suite's .NET 4.0 Upgrade and Improved Daily Build Packages

Posted on 08-30-2012 10:54 AM by ThinkGeo 2320 views 2 comment(s)

We have completed the upgrade of all of our Map Suite products and their samples to the .NET 4.0 framework! As such, all new daily development builds going forward will require the 4.0 framework to be installed on your development machine. In addition, we have streamlined a number of other things, includng how you work with daily builds and how Map Suite works with unmanaged assemblies. ... (read more)

[RESX:TopicRead] Introducing the Tile Cache Generator for Map Suite

Posted on 06-20-2012 10:58 AM by ThinkGeo 5795 views 8 comment(s)

ThinkGeo is pleased to announce the release of the Map Suite Tile Cache Generator project and accompanying source code. Pre-generating tiles based on your data allows you to display the data faster than rending it from vector graphics files. It also allows you to protect your vector data by providing just the raster tiles for display purposes only. In the past, pre-generating tiles required cus... (read more)

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