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Making GIS Easy for Developers

Map Suite .NET map controls and components add interactive maps and GIS features to the custom applications you build with the Microsoft .NET Framework. As a .NET software developer, you can use Map Suite's powerful map API to add spatial functionality to your projects, including interactive Visual Basic or C# maps, geocoding, spatial analysis, routing, geoprocessing, and much more.

If you’re a .NET shop, Map Suite is the map SDK that you must have in your toolbox.

Just a Few Compelling Reasons to Choose Map Suite:

Map Suite .NET Developer Controls & Components

Map Suite is available in a variety of platform-specific editions aimed at the Windows desktop, web, mobile and beyond.

For Windows Desktop Applications and Services

For Web Applications

For Native Mobile Apps

For Server Applications and Web Services

Extensions & Add-Ons for All Map Suite Platforms

Enhance the feature set of your GIS or spatially-enabled mapping project with these additional plugins.

Features in Every Edition of Map Suite

Screenshot: Example map from vehicle tracking application Screenshot: Example map from law enforcement offender tracking application Screenshot: The World Map Kit offers street-level detailed maps of the United States Screenshot: Route computation with waypoints, generated by the Map Suite Routing extension Screenshot: Dot density map render style Screenshot: Thematic map created with class break styles Screenshot: Measuring and displaying distance using great circle

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