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Why Choose Map Suite

All the reasons why Map Suite is the right mapping SDK for your toolbox.

"The ThinkGeo Map Control is just great! The best part is that this control is well-integrated into the .NET Framework, which gave us a whole new dimension to work with, not to mention add onto."

Srinath Sankar

Technical Producer

Marketing Systems Group

Making GIS Easy for Developers

A complete GIS suite

Complete GIS Suite

You no longer have to search for disparate libraries like routing and geocoding and their dependencies. We've developed an exhaustive collection of GIS utilities to help you build your applications more efficiently. ThinkGeo offers the entire GIS package so you can use what you need.

Share your code across Map Suite Products with ease

Code is Portable Across Map Suite Products

Do you have a Map Suite Desktop Edition app that you now want to deploy to the web? You don't have to worry about rewriting all of your code. Our products share the same core components, allowing you to reuse most of the code from your original application in your new application so that you just have to write the platform-specific portions.

Full-range GIS and image format support


With our products, you're not limited to a handful of proprietary or arcane data formats. In fact, we make it easy to use any of the formats from our huge list of supported formats, from file-based, to image-based and even spatial databases. What's more, working across formats is effortless thanks to a shared interface.

A Development Lifecycle Focused on You


We'd like you to be sure that Map Suite is right for you so we welcome you to try it, free of charge, with no signup necessary. Our evaluations are fully-featured meaning that you can try all of our samples and get comfortable with Map Suite without any limitations. When you find that our products are the right fit for you, let us know or simply purchase through our online store.


Once you've settled into Map Suite, we want you to know that you're not alone. We welcome any questions you may have in our discussion forums which are manned by ThinkGeo developers. For private issues, our support staff will be happy to help. If you're just starting out with Map Suite or looking for a way to do something new, be sure to take a look at our product guides and samples.


Deploying your application should be the most exciting part of your application's lifecycle so why not make it the easiest? Along with our products, we provide deployment guides and dependency installers to make sure that your app has what it needs to run.


It's an inescapable truth in software that development doesn't end at release. To help you keep up with inevitable issues and changes, you have access the ThinkGeo Customer Portal, giving you easy access to Customer Support, the discussion forums and the Enhancement Tracker. We'll be happy to aid you in fixing or improving your project.

Providing What Developers Need

  • Daily builds let you keep up with the latest features and bug fixes the moment they arrive
  • Enhancement Tracker lets you guide the evolution of our entire Map Suite product family and beyond
  • Have your questions answered by real Map Suite developers and product architects on our discussion forums
  • Deployment guides help you ship your application with all the necessary parts built in
  • Dependency installers make it easy for you to avoid tedious manual resolution
  • Strong named DLLs available if you need them

And Just a Few More...


Easily integrate custom data formats and subclass everything to fit your needs. We've got the corner cases covered.

Available to Help

If you need guidance or support, speak with a Map Suite Product architect on a tech call or via our online discussion forums.

Customer-Driven Enhancement Tracker

If you think there's a feature missing that you or others could benefit from, submit a suggestion to our Enhancement Tracker and it could become part of the product!

Demonstrable Reputation

With over a thousand customers including more than 20 in the Fortune 500, ThinkGeo's proven track record means you can expect quality from both us and our products.