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ThinkGeo Releases Version 6.0 of its Cygnus Track GPS Tracking Solution with New Track-For-Free Model

April 11, 2011

Frisco, TX — ThinkGeo has released version 6.0 of Cygnus Track, the next major revision of its professional GPS tracking software platform. Cygnus Track 6.0 is a major upgrade that offers a completely redesigned back-end communications system, vastly enhanced customization and developer support, and a new track-for-free model, making Cygnus Track more accessible to both small users and enterprise-grade users alike.

As before, Cygnus Track continues to be offered in a variety of editions, each tailored to different needs. Beginning with version 6.0, Cygnus Track Starter Edition can now be used free of charge, indefinitely, with up to three tracking devices, making it an excellent choice for users who need to track just a few GPS devices. Starter Edition customers who need more than three devices can add new devices at any time for only $9.95 per month, giving them a clear path to grow and expand as needed.

Cygnus Track 6.0 also offers enterprise customers and developers much greater flexibility, thanks to the new Device Gateway communications model. The new system architecture makes it much easier for custom GPS tracking hardware to be integrated with Cygnus Track 6.0, and exposes numerous APIs for developers to leverage for custom application development, business integration and much more. Complimentary to the new Device Gateway is the Device Simulator, a free application provided to all Cygnus Track customers, which can create mock tracking sessions, trigger alerts and transmit device data without the customer having to deploy a live device to the field.

To help developers and enterprise customers understand their full range of options with the new Device Gateway, ThinkGeo has launched the Developer Center section of their website at This section is a resource hub for documentation, sample code, API reference, tools and utilities that enable customers to get the most from their Cygnus Track GPS tracking system.

Rounding out the list of enhancements in the latest version of Cygnus Track are usability improvements to the tracking screen, vastly simplified setup of new devices, plus support for more web browsers and GPS devices.

For more information on the complete line of ThinkGeo's Cygnus Track GPS tracking software solutions, including the track-for-free Cygnus Track Starter Edition, visit ThinkGeo's website at Customers can ask questions and get support at the official Cygnus Track Discussion Forums, found at

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