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ThinkGeo LLC Announces Merger with Cygnus Online

March 13, 2006

ThinkGeo recently announced plans to merge with Cygnus Online by the end of March 2006. This merger will combine the talents, resources, and technologies of the two companies under the name ThinkGeo in order to realize the common goal and vision shared by the two companies: to provide the very best GPS tracking and mapping tools on the market. The merger of Cygnus Online with ThinkGeo marks the beginning of a new and exciting period that will be highlighted by the development and release of many new products and services.

ThinkGeo's extensive experience in developing .NET Components and Cygnus Online's proven asset management and asset tracking know-how will be an excellent combination, maximizing and strengthening the capabilities of both companies. The combined knowledge and resources of the two companies will enhance product research and development, expand services, and increase productivity, all of which will benefit current as well as future customers.

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