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Cygnus Track Now Fully Supports the Skytrax Aircraft Tracking Device

June 16, 2006

ThinkGeo LLC is pleased to announce that Cygnus Track now fully supports Skytrax aircraft tracking hardware by Guardian Mobility. The integration of Guardian Mobility's Skytrax devices with Cygnus Track means that Cygnus Track's asset tracking coverage now includes aircraft, such as planes and helicopters. Skytrax fully integrates with Cygnus Track functionality and is completely compatible and ready to use out of the box. In fact, ThinkGeo currently has Skytrax integrated with Cygnus Track as part of a large pilot program.

Cygnus Track's already broad scope of asset tracking capabilities — vehicle, personal, marine — will be significantly expanded with the inclusion of aerial assets. Further, Guardian Mobility is a recognized leader in the GPS industry for providing high-quality aircraft tracking hardware. "The integration of Skytrax with Cygnus Track is just one more step in ThinkGeo's efforts to provide the very best in asset tracking solutions and demonstrates our ongoing commitment to integrate the latest and greatest technology," said Clint Batman, President of ThinkGeo LLC.

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