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Cygnus Track Now Supports Asset Tracking in Mexico

August 18, 2006

ThinkGeo is excited to announce that Cygnus Track can now be used to track assets throughout Mexico, providing customers with a complete GPS tracking solution for all of their tracking needs in Mexico. With Cygnus Track's new integrated map data for Mexico, customers can securely track any asset — cars, trucks, planes, trains, boats, shipping crates, personal property, and people — throughout Mexico, including all of its major cities.

Offered through ThinkGeo's hosted plan, mapping support for Mexico gives owners an affordable way to track their assets throughout Mexico and North America. ThinkGeo's hosted support plan enables its customers to securely and accurately track vehicles transporting goods between Mexico and the United States in a convenient and easy way. Understanding the need for a versatile and extensible GPS tracking solution, ThinkGeo established its hosted plan to help customers meet their many diverse tracking needs.

The new mapping support for Mexico marks the beginning of ThinkGeo's commitment to provide its customers with the latest, greatest, and most up-to-date maps of the world to support any asset tracking requirement. In the near future, ThinkGeo looks forward to offering additional map data integrations to support other countries and regions of the world.

ThinkGeo is an industry leader in mapping and asset tracking technologies and services. ThinkGeo offers a wide variety of high-quality products for asset tracking and for software developers who are authoring mapping and spatial applications. To learn more about the Cygnus Track hosted plan or integrating mapping data for Mexico, please contact ThinkGeo professional sales at or (866) 847-7510.