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Map Suite Version 2.39.0 Available Now

November 19, 2007

Lawrence, KS — ThinkGeo is pleased to announce the release of Map Suite version 2.39.0. The new version boasts several enhancements and improvements that the company is confident developers will find effective.

A major efficiency improvement is a new, more user friendly API, which we encourage developers to use in partnership with the already first class MapSuite API. Other improvements include progressive drawing, support for Web Map Service (WMS), third generation Mr. Sid files and much more. In addition, a 64-bit version of Map Suite is now available.

According to developers, one particularly user friendly enhancement added to Map Suite version 2.39.0 is a new "GeoStyling" feature, which allows map symbols to be added with significantly greater ease.

ThinkGeo developer Val Guillou explained GeoStyling in greater detail. "From our experience, most features of layers fall into some categories like roads, rivers, cities, urban areas, and so on. Before this improved API, the developers had to manually construct the symbol for each of these different categories using PointSymbol, LineSymbol, AreaSymbol, etc. Now, with GeoStyles, the work has already been done for them."

Guillou continued. "Keep in mind that the developers can still use the original method and have full control of exactly how they want features to look. With Map Suite 2.39, they have the best of two worlds – simple and intuitive API, along with flexibility and power."

For more information on the new release of Map Suite, be sure to download the QuickStart Guides, available on ThinkGeo's website at