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ThinkGeo Announces the Release of Render USA

July 2, 2007

Lawrence, KS — ThinkGeo LLC is happy to announce the release of Render USA, a .NET GIS plug-in for ThinkGeo's Map Suite product line that automates the process of building maps of the United States. Designed with the non-GIS developer in mind, Render USA gives .NET developers the ability to build full-featured, detailed maps of the United States in just 3 steps.

By allowing .NET developers to build maps in only 3 steps, Render USA not only reduces development time but also simplifies the map building process. With Render USA, each map threshold is timed for optimal rendering speed at each zoom level, which results in increased rendering performance and sharper looking maps. The perfect plug-in for ThinkGeo's Map Suite Web, Desktop, or Engine, Render USA gives developers the flexibility to quickly develop mapping applications of the United States for any environment, whether it is for the web or desktop.

Render USA provides full coverage of the United States and uses the very latest TIGER 2006 Second Edition data in the industry standard ShapeFile (.shp) format. Render USA is a complete .NET GIS plug-in package that includes a RenderUSA class in both the C# and VB.NET languages and a highly optimized 20GB dataset of the United States in ShapeFile format.

ThinkGeo LLC is an industry leader in mapping and asset tracking technologies and services. ThinkGeo LLC offers a wide variety of high-quality products for asset tracking and for software developers who are authoring mapping and geospatial applications. To learn more about Render USA or other products that are offered, please contact one of our sales representatives at or (866)847-7510.