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Cygnus Track Now Fully Integrates with Google Earth Professional

June 23, 2006

ThinkGeo LLC is excited to announce that Cygnus Track functionality can now be fully integrated with Google Earth Professional. Google Earth Maps can easily be integrated with any Cygnus Track account to help security users manage, track, and view their vehicles and assets. This integration of Google Earth Professional with Cygnus Track functionality is accomplished through a network installer.

Users will be able to integrate Google Earth Maps by copying the Google Earth Token from the User Editor in Cygnus Track. This Google Earth Token will be used to build a special location URL for integrating Google Earth Professional with Cygnus Track. After a user has built the URL, all of the integrated Cygnus Track accounts or clients will be listed in the Places section of Google Earth, and each account or client can be clicked to display its organizations. Further, the drivers for these organizations can easily be tracked in Google Earth, and information such as the speed and last location of the driver can be ascertained.

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