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Cygnus Track Now Supports Internationalization with Multiple Language Capabilities

September 25, 2006

ThinkGeo is pleased to announce that Cygnus Track, its GPS Asset Tracking Solution, now supports internationalization, allowing Cygnus Track users to track assets in the language of their choice. With internationalization support, Cygnus Track administrators will now be able to assign a default language for each account in the system, as well as specify a language preference for each user in the system. This new language support for Cygnus Track encompasses both Western languages and complex Asian languages, such as Arabic, Chinese, and Thai.

In addition to multiple language support, Cygnus Internationalization will allow users to create their own languages through an easy to use web-front-end that will be integrated into the system. Moreover, Cygnus Track administrators will have the ability to adapt and tailor existing language verbiage to match their unique business needs and goals. Finally, with the Internationalization of Cygnus Track, ThinkGeo plans to include the release of the following languages soon after deployment: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Hungarian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, and Thai.

ThinkGeo LLC is an industry leader in mapping and asset tracking technologies and services. ThinkGeo LLC offers a wide variety of high-quality products for asset tracking and for software developers who are authoring mapping and geospatial applications. To learn more about the Internationalization of Cygnus Track, please contact one of our sales representatives at or (866) 847-7510.