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Spatially Aware Releases Raster USA Add-In for Map Suite

January 31, 2005

Spatially Aware announces the release of Raster USA, an add-in component for the Winforms, Webforms or Map Engine edition of Map Suite. Raster USA interfaces with Microsoft's TerraServer-USA™ to retrieve images via web services.

"Raster USA provides access to amazing satellite and topographical imaging for Map Suite applications." said David Rehagen, Senior Developer for the Map Suite product line. "Many spatial applications use images as a backdrop. It can be very time consuming and tedious for a developer to spend time worrying about how to obtain and correctly render images when they could be concentrating on the requirements of the application." The Raster USA package retrieves high-resolution image tiles from the Microsoft TerraServer and "stitches" them together to form a scene. "All of this is very seamless to developers." said Rehagen, "The APIs are easy to use and images can be added to an existing Map Suite map with only a few lines of code."

Rehagen noted, "The images obtained from Microsoft TerraServer have usage guidelines and so we encourage anyone using them to ensure they review Microsoft's terms of use to ensure they are in compliance." See Microsoft's TerraServer USA web site for Terms of Use and FAQ for more information.

Raster USA is available to view online as a demo. For more information, visit Spatially Aware's web site or call 866.847.7510.

About Spatially Aware LLC ®: Located in Lawrence, KS, Spatially Aware is the maker of the Map Suite product line, a fully functional set of mapping component that makes it easy for any Microsoft .NET developer to add mapping functionality to a Microsoft .NET application quickly and efficiently. Spatially Aware also produces Render USA, a complete starter solution for developers that automates the entire process of creating a seamless view of the entire United States all of the way from the states down to the street networks. For more information, visit or call 866.847.7510.

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