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ThinkGeo LLC Announces that Cygnus Track Now Solves the Lone Worker Safety Problem

July 8, 2006

ThinkGeo is pleased to announce that Cygnus Track now solves the lone worker safety problem with its new Cygnus Work Safe hardware device. This new piece of hardware features both a configurable countdown timer and panic button to help assure the safety of a worker when working alone in the field.

Before a worker leaves his or her vehicle, an adjustable countdown timer will be set on the Cygnus Work Safe device. In the event that the worker fails to return to the vehicle for any reason before the countdown expires, a safety alert will be generated and sent to the operator who is monitoring the worker. In addition, the device can be wired to the horn of the vehicle to alert potential help nearby. In a similar manner, a panic button can be hit by the driver at anytime to generate a distress alert that will be sent to an operator.

"What is great about the Cygnus Work Safe device is that it can easily be integrated with most existing hardware devices Cygnus Track already supports," said Felix Lluberes, IT architect.

This solution to the lone worker safety problem is just one more step in ThinkGeo's quest to provide customers with the confidence and peace of mind which results from knowing the safety status and whereabouts of their workers at all times. For pricing, integration details, or more information about Cygnus Work Safe, please contact ThinkGeo professional sales at or (866) 847-7510.