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ThinkGeo Announces that Map Suite Web is Now AJAX Enabled

November 9, 2006

ThinkGeo is excited to announce that Map Suite Web, its .NET-native GIS mapping control, now features the power of AJAX, which will greatly enhance a user's internet mapping experience. With the implementation of AJAX technologies, Map Suite Web will give .NET developers enhanced web mapping applications by providing faster, more responsive mapping controls. With Map Suite Web and AJAX, users will be able to Track Zoom, Zoom In, Zoom Out, and Pan a map area without having to do post-backs, resulting in map controls that are faster and more efficient. The outcome is that users will have the best possible mapping experience on the web.

AJAX, or Asynchronous JavaScript + XML, is a collection of Web development technologies that combine in a powerful and unique way to enhance the interactivity, feel, response, and speed of web pages and web applications. AJAX restructures the classic web application model in a way that results in faster web page and interface loads, requiring less wait time on the part of the user.

"AJAX is incredibly easy to implement into Map Suite Web as well as extremely flexible. The implementation of AJAX into Map Suite Web involves having an AJAX event on the server side for the Map Control. The result is that .NET developers using Map Suite Web will be able to experience all the benefits of AJAX while keeping the majority of their coding on the server side of things," said Clint Batman, President of ThinkGeo LLC.

ThinkGeo LLC is an industry leader in mapping and asset tracking technologies and services. ThinkGeo LLC offers a wide variety of high-quality products for asset tracking and for software developers who are authoring mapping and geospatial applications. To learn more about Map Suite Web and how it uses AJAX, please contact one of our sales representatives at or (866) 847-7510.