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Your boss thinks it will take a month. You can do it in a week. We illuminate GIS for developers, giving you the confidence to become productive in mapping immediately.

Components, Servers, and Data

ThinkGeo has everything you need for your GIS project from REST based servers, worldwide vector and raster data, to developer components for Mobile, Desktop and Web.

Whole Project Outsourcing

Our teams of experts can help you achieve your goals. From whole project outsourcing to staff augmentation, we have the expertise required to help bring your mapping projects to completion.

Map Suite Tools

Map Suite UI Controls

Empower your developers to build amazing .Net mapping applications across the web, desktop and mobile platforms using our extensible components.
  • Mobile, Web, & Desktop
  • Tons of Supported Formats
  • Visually Stunning Styles
  • Code Portability Between Platforms
  • Lots of Samples and Videos

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Map Suite GIS Services

A suite of GIS tools available in three versions to meet your specific needs. Includes vector and imagery maps, routing, geocoding and elevation.
  • Online: Cloud Server with RESTful API
  • On-premises: Runs on your Windows or Linux server
  • Objects: Ships with your desktop application, royalty-free

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Map Suite Tools
Map Suite Tools

Tools & Extensions

These tools and extensions help developers extend and enhance Map Suite’s core features
  • GIS Editor: A powerful, easy-to-use tool for viewing, styling and editing geographic data.
  • Open Source: Most these tools and extensions are open source and published on Github.

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Professional Services

ThinkGeo offers a wide array of professional services, from helping you get project started to seeing it through to completion.
With experience building for the Web, Mobile, Desktop and Servers we cover almost any kind of solution you can think of.

Augment your development team with our GIS experts who know Map Suite inside and out. Speed up your development time and sidestep expensive mistakes before they happen.

ThinkGeo's project design, development, implementation and training services will help you bring your GIS ideas to market quickly and affordably.

Customers and Industries

We are proud to announce that we are trusted by thousands of customers and serve a multitude of industries around the world.



What they are saying?

"I'm extremely happy with the Map Suite toolset; I don't think I would get the same responsiveness, ease of installation and low costs from any other provider."

Ryan O'Neill
Kinnersley Software

"Map Suite provided the best overall value for our web-based application in terms of flexibility, cost and ease of use. A robust tool like Map Suite creates a wealth of opportunities for the use of mapping capabilities in our software application."

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