Elevation SDK

Use Elevation SDK to embed highly customized maps with other applications.

Embed Elevation SDK Into Your Client Application

This native .NET component gives your Map Suite applications the power to find the provides elevation data for a point, a trip, or an area.

A GIS solution for .NET developers

The Map Suite Elevation SDK enables developers to find elevation information at any location.


Don't worry about how many people will be using your application. Map Suite's easy and affordable licensing makes it possible to distribute your projects royalty-free.

Develop In Visual Studio

To develop with Map Suite Elevation, you’ll need Visual Studio, or alternatively, Visual Studio Express.


Features & Capabilities

Map Suite Elevation .NET components provide data as detailed as you need it to be.

Do More Than Standard Elevation Service

A Mix of Data Sources. The underlying data sources for the Elevation SDK are a mix of SRTM, NED and more in future, such as GMTED, ETOPO1 etc.

Anywhere on Surface of the Earth. Elevation data is available for all location, including on the ocean floor (With return 0 value). For some places, the Elevation SDK interpolates and returns an average value using the 4 nearest locations.

Projection Supported. Whatever the projection of your map is, the only thing that you have to know is EPSG of the coordinates and pass it to SDK and it will return the result as you expected.

Accept Coordinates, Paths and Area. The SDK allows you to calculate elevation of a coordinate, changes along a route or sampled elevation data in an area.

Flexible Transaction Usage & Reporting
Flexible Transaction Usage & Reporting

Ready for Creating Contour or DEM Map

Contour Map. A topographic map on which the shape of the land surface is shown by contour lines, the relative spacing of the lines indicating the relative slope of the surface.

DEM map. A digital elevation model (DEM) is a 3D CG representation of a terrain's furface - commonly of a planet (e.g. Earth), moon, or asteroid – created from a terrain's elevation data.

Generating DEM on Elevation Points. With the open source libraries, such as GDAL, QGIS etc. It's easily to create your own DEM or contour map. For example, we can refer to Inverse Distance Weighting (IDW) Interpolation on how to create DEM map in QGIS.


Elevation Demos

Use Map Suite Elevation to get elevation points, contour and viewshed anywhere around the world.

Elevation Statistics

A chart to show how land elevation changes following a specific route.

Elevation and Contour Mapping

A simple way to show topographical maps with land elevation and contours.


Daily Builds via NuGet

Map Suite allows you to be plugged into the development process by getting your feature requests and bug fixes delivered daily through NuGet.

Daily product builds. Our developer components build each night, allowing you to get bugs and features turned around quickly. Watch new features as we work on them, and help shape their direction by offering your own thoughts through our community forums.

Get updates via NuGet. NuGet allows you to stay up to date with the latest builds of Map Suite effortlessly - just add the NuGet reference and get notification when changes are available.

Developer and production channels. We distribute our NuGet packages in two different feeds. The first is a developer feed, which is the latest daily build with experimental features and changes. The second, a production feed, is designed to only show stopping bug fixes since the last public release, for maximum stability and compatibility.

See more details on how to install Map Suite on Wiki

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