Free and Open Source

ThinkGeo's open-source tools and libraries make great enhancements to your map, application or GIS workflow, while giving you the freedom to modify, redisitribute or learn from how we've put them together.

Open Source GIS Projects

Tools for data creation and editing, rendering vector tiles, map icon fonts and more.

ThinkGeo GIS Editor

A powerful, easy-to-use Windows application for viewing, styling and editing geographic data.


A JavaScript library that consumes, styles and renders gorgeous maps from vector map tiles.

Map Icon Fonts

A collection of custom-styled point of interest icons to beautify your maps and applications.

Full-Range Map Services

The best way to find out if ThinkGeo is right for your project is to take our cloud services, .NET map controls or SDKs for a test drive. Enjoy full access to all ThinkGeo products and services for 60 days.

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