Speed Up Development

Get your product out faster with expert resources that know Map Suite and GIS inside and out. Let us leverage our internal development network for your project.

We Integrate With Your Team

We'll use your team's methods, task and meeting tools, time reporting, and other items. Let our superstars become an indispensable part of your team.

Software Developers First

At ThinkGeo we are software developers first and GIS experts second. All of our developers have a solid track record of delivering successful projects.

Bring Experts On Staff

Augment your development team with our GIS experts who know Map Suite inside and out. Speed up your development time and sidestep expensive mistakes before they happen.

Avoid costly mistakes. Let us help you with your design up front to avoid costly rework later. We have experience in building all sorts of GIS applications and we can help you get started our on the right foot.

We know what works. We have worked with hundreds of clients in a multitude of different vertical markets and we've seen what works and what users want. We can help you put in that killer GIS feature and give you a leg up on your competitors.

Leverage our collective knowledge. When you bring a ThinkGeo expert on your team you are also bringing their access to a wide array of resources from other teams' development knowledge, internal code snippets, access to graphics art resources and so much more.

Add certainty to your mapping project. Let us help you make sense of GIS and remove the uncertainty that comes with using new technologies. We can demystify GIS and help get your staff up to speed on GIS.

Areas of Expertise

Our developers have a skill set beyond that of just GIS. Below are are just some of the technologies and platforms we are familiar with.
  • C#
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • VB.NET
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Cloud
  • WPF, Winforms
  • MVC, Webforms
  • Xamarin
  • Bootstrap
  • AngularJS
  • NodeJS
  • GIT
  • Team Foundation Server
  • SVN
  • GotoMeeting
  • WebEx
  • Jira


With offices in North America and Asia, we run around the clock. Choose resources that best fit your needs in terms of location and/or hours of operation.

Get twice the amount of work done in the same time by leveraging the timezone difference to meet that tight deadline.


Need an Entire Team?

We can provide the entire team to build your next great idea. Let us handle all the development and daily management while you focus on the big picture.

Engage With Us

Let's discuss your specific needs. What day and time works best for you? Schedule a brief Discovery Meeting to determine if ThinkGeo's capabilities match your company's mapping needs.