ThinkGeo SDKs and Data

Embed powerful GIS functionality like routing, geocoding and elevation analysis directly into your applications. Use custom business-driven datasets hosted locally or online to suit your distribution needs.


Embed custom GIS services and functionality directly into your .NET applications.


Generate routable data and plot navigational routes that following your own custom business rules.


Our plugin-driven geocoding component can convert addresses into spatial coordinates with unrivaled possibilities for customization.

Reverse Geocoding

Need to turn coordinates into meaningful locations? Leverage our component to convert points into addresses, POIs, intersections and more.


Embeddable component that delivers global elevations and grades by point, line or area with automatic interpolation.

Embed GIS Services Into Your Client Application

ThinkGeo’s SDKs deliver the GIS functionality you expect with the customizability you need, packaged as embeddable components you can reference directly in your .NET applications.

Rich & Extensible API

You will find our APIs are well designed and we take backward compatibility between versions very seriously.


Our embedded objects support your application running on Windows, Linux or MacOS servers.

Royalty Free

There are no per-seat licenses when you deploy our services as embedded assemblies with your desktop application.

Bring Your Own Data

When embedding our assemblies, you can either use our provided datasets or use your own proprietary data. We provide API and guidance in converting.


Data Sets

Just need the data? Our vector tiles, curated world street data and aerial imagery can help you add beautiful maps to your project.

Vector Data

ThinkGeo Maps Street Data

Our curated set of global-coverage vector data contains landforms, cities, streets, points of interest and much more. Based on a compilation of numerous open-source and crowdsourced databases, it’s ready for any application.

Vector tiles.Our complete global data already compiled into lightweight, ultra-high performance vector tiles in protobuf format.

SQLite database. The source data for our vector tiles, this database contains queryable features and a complete set of metadata.

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World Streets
World Imagery

Raster Data

ThinkGeo Maps Imagery

Our complete set of beautiful aerial imagery, now available for embedding in your own projects! Both high-level global photometry and highly-detailed U.S. imagery are available in ECW and JPEG2000 formats.

Round-the-world coverage. A worldwide set of Landsat-sourced imagery, provided in both 250-meter and 15-meter resolutions.

Extreme detail. Need to get closer? We offer stunning 1-meter imagery for the entire continental United States, sourced from the National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP).

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Daily Builds via NuGet

Map Suite allows you to be plugged into the development process by getting your feature requests and bug fixes delivered daily through NuGet.

Daily product builds. Our developer components build each night, allowing you to get bugs and features turned around quickly. Watch new features as we work on them, and help shape their direction by offering your own thoughts through our community forums.

Get updates via NuGet. NuGet allows you to stay up to date with the latest builds of Map Suite effortlessly - just add the NuGet reference and get notification when changes are available.

Developer and production channels. We distribute our NuGet packages in two different feeds. The first is a developer feed, which is the latest daily build with experimental features and changes. The second, a production feed, is designed to only show stopping bug fixes since the last public release, for maximum stability and compatibility.

See more details on how to install Map Suite on Wiki

Free 60-Day Evaluations

The best way to find out if ThinkGeo is right for your project is to take our cloud services, .NET map controls or SDKs for a test drive. Enjoy full access to all ThinkGeo products and services for 60 days.