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From conception to implementation, ThinkGeo offers a wide array of professional services, from helping you get project started to seeing it through to completion.

Why ThinkGeo?

With experience building for the web, mobile devices, desktop, and servers, we cover almost any kind of solution you can think of. We can build almost anything!

Design experience. As the developers of our own UI controls and cloud services, our team is uniquely positioned to leverage the full power of ThinkGeo GIS in your application. Based on your project goals, we can work with you to assemble the ideal hardware and software infrastructure to support your project.

We're Agile! Our agile development approach keeps you involved, with frequent updates and iterations for your review. You stay involved and informed during the whole process, and the project moves forward on a predictable schedule.

We're experts in GIS. Leverage our experience and track record of actually delivering robust projects to production.

Collective knowledge. Your project gains access to a wide array of resources from all of our internal teams' development knowledge, internal code snippets, access to graphic art resources and so much more.

"When we needed to add professional GIS capabilities to our applications, we turned to ThinkGeo. The end result is that our solutions are now GIS enabled, and our customers are happy, all in a few weeks. Highly recommended."

Dan Haught
Executive Vice President
FMS Advanced Systems Group

Avoid costly mistakes. Let us help you with your design up front to avoid costly rework later. We have experience in building all sorts of GIS applications and we can help you get started our on the right foot.

We know what works. We have worked with hundreds of clients in a multitude of different vertical markets and we've seen what works and what users want. We can help you put in that killer GIS feature and give you a leg up on your competitors.

Add certainty to your mapping project. Let us help you make sense of GIS and remove the uncertainty that comes with using new technologies. We can demystify GIS and help get your staff up to speed on GIS.

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Areas of Expertise

Our developers have a skill set beyond that of just GIS. Below are are just some of the technologies and platforms we are familiar with.


C# JavaScript Python VB.NET


Cloud Windows Linux Android iOS


WPF, WinForms MVC, WebForms Xamarin Bootstrap AngularJS NodeJS


Git Team Foundation Server SVN GotoMeeting WebEx Jira

"ThinkGeo's Map Suite software was by far the most feature-rich, robust, and easy-to-use solution for the .NET platform. We were very impressed by how agile ThinkGeo's team was at supporting us on the project."

Professional Services

ThinkGeo's project design, development, implementation and training services will help you bring your GIS ideas to market quickly and affordably.

Application Development

Our professional services team can work with you to architect, design, and build your custom GIS application using Map Suite. Our agile development approach keeps you involved and provides frequent updates and iterations for your review.


Learn how to use Map Suite directly from its creators. Whether you need on-site training or are willing to come to us, we can help you or your development team get up to speed with Map Suite.

Architecture Design

Tell us about your project goals and requirements and we can work with you to assemble the ideal hardware (servers, hosting, etc.) and software infrastructure to support them.

Enhancements to Map Suite

If your Map Suite product needs a particular custom feature to make your project a reality, our development team can extend or enhance the product’s features to support your requirements.

Custom Data Source Integration

Let us help you bring your spatial data and your Map Suite application together, whether it’s converting data from an unsupported format or helping you interface an existing data source with Map Suite.

Custom Map Data Services

Leveraging the power of the crowdsourced OpenStreetMap global data set, ThinkGeo offers custom data extracts and format conversions tailored to your specific needs.

Performance Review

Let us help you maximize the performance of your Map Suite projects by reviewing and analyzing your application and recommending performance-boosting techniques that will improve user experience.

Code Review

As the developers of Map Suite, our team is uniquely positioned to review the source code of your Map Suite project and make recommendations for improving efficiency or minimizing code size.

Custom Map Data Rendering

If you have spatial data but need to present it in a visually appealing way, we can design and apply a custom rendering style so that your maps are as captivating as the data they express.

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