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ThinkGeo is a GIS (Geographic Information Systems) software company founded in 2004 and located in Frisco, TX. Our clients are in more than 40 industries including agriculture, energy, transportation, government, engineering, IT, and defense.
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Why ThinkGeo?

At ThinkGeo, we pride ourselves on our excellent service and transparency. ThinkGeo offers a variety of products and services to meet almost any application need.

ThinkGeo’s Map Suite UI Controls offer software developers a variety of platform options to build custom GIS and mapping applications.

ThinkGeo’s Map Suite GIS Services handle the heavy lifting for common GIS tasks like geocoding, routing, elevation and map tile rendering both locally and in the cloud.

With simple to understand licensing and publicly posted prices, you will never face a surprise when developing and deploying your application.

In addition to great products, ThinkGeo also offers a variety of professional services. Our dedicated professional services team can handle project outsourcing or allow you to add an expert to round out your existing staff. The professional services team can also provide training and design services to help jump start your project.



With years of experience developing software, you can be confident that ThinkGeo's products and services can deliver cutting-edge technology that's on time and on budget. ThinkGeo has been a Microsoft Partner every year since 2004 and continues to be an innovator in the GIS software and services space.

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