ThinkGeo Cloud Geocoding

Our cloud geocoder lets you convert addresses into geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude). Get suggestions for partial address matches, perform batch geocodes, or use any coordinate system.

Convert Addresses to Coordinates

If you want to turn your address data into latitude/longitude values, here is the right place for you.
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To access ThinkGeo Cloud Geocoding, you'll need a ThinkGeo account and a ThinkGeo Cloud API key which you'll use to authenticate your tile requests. Don't have a ThinkGeo account? Start building today and get a free 60-day evaluation of all ThinkGeo Cloud services, including Vector Tiles, Raster Tiles, Reverse Geocoding, Elevation and WMS.

Batch Geocoding

If you have a database of address data that you would like to have lat/lon values for, use this service. You can POSTing an array of address strings directly to the REST API and run our geocoder over it.

Rich Location Metadata

A rich array of location data that can be returned with each coordinate point, including but not limited to Street Type, Elevation, Time Zone, FIPS Code, and more.

Custom Projections Supported

You can pass in any arbitrary Proj4-formatted projection string or a spatial reference system ID in the ESRI or EPSG namespace to get geocoded coordinates back in any projection you like.

Easy Access with Native Clients

Custom-designed API clients for the ThinkGeo Cloud make accessing all of our GIS web services a breeze. Choose from .NET or JavaScript, with more languages coming soon.


Design Features

Comprehensive geocoding coverage of the entire United States with street-level accuracy.


United States Coverage with Street-Level Detail

Data Sources. The ThinkGeo Cloud Geocoding service is based on TIGER data sourced from the United States Census Bureau.

Convert addresses into coordinates. Convert an address into a geographic coordinate (latitude and longitude). Need resulting points in a local projection? Simply specify the spatial reference system ID or Proj4 projection string and our built-in projection engine will do the work.

Precision geocoder with customizable results. Use fuzzy matching to process string input in varying formats and of various quality. Search for similarly-named cities, streets, states, even zip codes, even if you're not sure of what you're looking for.



Why ThinkGeo Geocoding?

High performance. API access supports hundreds of requests per minute.

Batch processing. Have a group of addresses that need to be geocoded? Submit them all in a single request and get coordinates back in matching order.

Detailed metadata. Optional VerboseResults mode gives you FIPS codes, U.S. census tracts and blocks, even which side of the street each result is on.

Fuzzy matching. Not sure if your input data is accurate? Our fuzzy matching mode will look for similar results based on spelling and Soundex.


How It Works

Take a look at the fully-documented code behind our interactive cloud geocoding sample, and see how you can easily integrate ThinkGeo's onling geocoding services into your web applications.

See the Pen Find an Address in the US by ThinkGeo (@thinkgeocodepen) on CodePen.

See the Pen Find an Address in the US by ThinkGeo (@thinkgeocodepen) on CodePen.

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