ThinkGeo Cloud Geocoding

From spatially locating postal addresses anywhere in the world to quickly finding the geographic coordinates of landmarks and points of interest, the ThinkGeo Cloud is ready to handle all of your geocoding jobs.

Locate Addresses and Landmarks – Anywhere.

ThinkGeo Cloud Geocoder turns addresses, landmarks and points of interest into geographic coordinates in just a few lines of code — now with global data coverage.

Example Code: HTML/JavaScript

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

<script type="text/javascript">
const apiKey = 'your-thinkgeo-cloud-apikey';
const geocodingClient = new tg.GeocodingClient(apiKey);
geocodingClient.searchByPoint('Big Ben', callback, options);

See the Pen Geocoding by ThinkGeo (@thinkgeocodepen) on CodePen.

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To access ThinkGeo Cloud Geocoding, you'll need a ThinkGeo account and a ThinkGeo Cloud API key which you'll use to authenticate your requests. Don't have a ThinkGeo account? Start building today and get a free 60-day evaluation of all ThinkGeo Cloud services, including Vector Tiles, Raster Tiles, Geocoding, Elevation, Routing and more.

Why Use ThinkGeo Cloud Geocoding?

Quickly mapping addresses, POIs and other search text to geographic locations is useful in a variety of applications for both consumers and businesses, including:

Vehicle navigation
Delivery logistics
Customer analytics
Sales analysis
Fleet tracking

Batch Geocoding

ThinkGeo Cloud Geocoder can process address data in batches, allowing you to make fewer requests and reduce overhead. Batch processing is available through our API clients or directly via the REST API.

Rich Location Metadata

A rich array of location data that can be returned with each coordinate point, including individual address components, districts and suburbs, zip codes, OpenStreetMap wiki data where available, and more.

Custom Projections Supported

You can pass in any arbitrary Proj-formatted projection string or a spatial reference system ID in the ESRI or EPSG namespace to get geocoded coordinates back in any projection you like.

Easy Access with Native Clients

Custom-designed API clients for the ThinkGeo Cloud make accessing all of our GIS web services a breeze. Choose from .NET or JavaScript, with more languages coming soon.


Design Features

Comprehensive geocoding coverage of the entire world with street-level accuracy.


Street-Level Detail with Global CoverageNew

Data Sources. The ThinkGeo Cloud Geocoding service combines address data from multiple sources, including TIGER data from the United States Census Bureau and OpenStreetMap.

Locate addresses, landmarks and POIs. More than just an address find, ThinkGeo Cloud Geocoder lets you instantly find the coordinates of everything from the local diner to major landmarks just by querying their name (where data is available).

Precision geocoder with customizable results. Use fuzzy matching to process string input in varying formats and of various quality. Search for similarly-named cities, streets, states, even zip codes, even if you're not sure of what you're looking for.



Why ThinkGeo Geocoding?

High performance. API access supports hundreds of requests per minute.

Batch processing. Have a group of addresses that need to be geocoded? Submit them all in a single request and get coordinates back in matching order.

Detailed metadata. Optional VerboseResults mode gives you every component of the address for programmatic analysis without string parsing.

Fuzzy matching. Not sure if your input data is accurate? Our fuzzy matching mode will look for similar results based on spelling and Soundex.

Cloud-Based GIS Server

ThinkGeo Cloud can be accessed from anywhere using simple RESTful web requests, so you can serve up great looking maps, or provide routing or geocoding to a variety of client applications.
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Always Online

No Infrastructure to Maintain

Simple Transaction Model

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