ThinkGeo Cloud

Cloud-based GIS services that use simple web requests to deliver great looking maps, routing, geocoding, elevation, projection and much more.


Services Included

Access ThinkGeo Cloud web services from any programming environment using simple REST APIs.

Cloud Maps Vector Tiles

XYZ tile service offering global street and POI data in MVT format, classified into a variety of styleable layers

Cloud Maps Raster Tiles

XYZ tile service offering stunning aerial imagery and street data in JPEG or PNG formats

ThinkGeo Maps WMS

Web Map Service offering on-demand images of ThinkGeo’s global street data and aerial imagery.


Get the elevation of any point, line or area in the world, or capture the grade of any line


Calculate efficient routes from place to place, through waypoints, or in a service area


Convert full street addresses, cities, states or postal codes into spatial coordinates

Reverse Geocoding

Convert spatial coordinates into meaningful addresses

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Interactive Demos

Check out our interactive ThinkGeo Cloud demos to explore our vector and raster maps, experiment with elevation, try our geocoder and reverse geocoder and more.
ThinkGeo Cloud Elevation Demo
ThinkGeo Cloud Reverse Geocoding Demo
ThinkGeo Cloud Hybrid Tile Demo

Easy-To-Use Client Libraries

Interacting with ThinkGeo Cloud Services is as simple as reference-and-go, thanks to our custom API clients for .NET, JavaScript and more.

 ThinkGeo UI Controls


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Perl, PHP, Go, and others via REST calls.

.NET client available through NuGet. The official ThinkGeo.Cloud.Client package for .NET developers is distributed through NuGet and makes it easy to access the ThinkGeo Cloud. Simply pass in your client credentials and you're good to go.

Reference our JavaScript client from NPM or CDN. Whether you want to use NPM or simply reference a script from our CloudFront-distributed CDN, it's easy to get up and running with our JavaScript client for ThinkGeo Cloud. Just initialize the client with your client credentials and you're off and running.

Or talk to our standard RESTful endpoints. Use any REST or Web client in your language of choice to make simple requests to the ThinkGeo Cloud Service endpoints of your choice. There's help getting started on our wiki, or you can even experiment with what every endpoint has to offer with our ThinkGeo Cloud API explorer.

Interacting with the ThinkGeo Cloud Service requires security credentials.

Get your own credentials free to try for 60 days.

ThinkGeo Cloud Client on NuGet

Cloud Hosted GIS Services

Our suite of cloud-hosted APIs allow you to easily consume map tiles, geocode, perform spatial operations and more, all without any deployment or infrastructure to worry about.

REST accessible. Our cloud server can be accessed from any REST capable client, so you can serve up great looking maps, provide routing or elevation results to a variety of applications no matter what language they're written in.

No Infrastructure to maintain. We maintain the servers, load balancers, software updates and so on, so that you can focus on delivering high-quality GIS solutions.

Scalable and redundant. Each of our services are part of a load-balanced cloud cluster ready to scale up based on demand, with an automated multi-backup strategy.

Simple transaction model. Get up to 100,000 transactions per day (3 million per month) that can be used interchangeably for all ThinkGeo Cloud services. Your personalized dashboard lets you see how many transactions you've used and breaks them down by service and by credential.

REST Accessible

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