ThinkGeo Cloud Routing

Our powerful and performant routing service generates efficient routes, turn-by-turn directions, and reachable service areas with simple-to-use RESTful APIs.

High-Performance Routes and Driving Directions

ThinkGeo Cloud Routing delivers driving routes and turn-by-turn directions between up to 25 waypoints anywhere in North America, all with just a few lines of code.

Example Code: HTML/JavaScript

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

<script type="text/javascript">
const apiKey = 'your-thinkgeo-cloud-apikey';
const routingClient = new tg.RoutingClient(apiKey);
routingClient.getRoute([{x: startPoint[0], y: startPoint[1]}, {x: endPoint[0], y: endPoint[1]}], callback, options);

See the Pen Routing in North America by ThinkGeo (@thinkgeocodepen) on CodePen.

To access ThinkGeo Cloud Geocoding, you'll need a ThinkGeo account and a ThinkGeo Cloud API key which you'll use to authenticate your requests. Don't have a ThinkGeo account? Start building today and get a free 60-day evaluation of all ThinkGeo Cloud services, including Vector Tiles, Raster Tiles, Reverse Geocoding, Elevation, Routing and more.

Why Use ThinkGeo Cloud Routing?

Routing, navgiation and service area functionality is useful in a variety of applications for both consumers and businesses, including:

Fleet tracking
Delivery logistics
Vehicle management
Asset location
Ride sharing services
Tour optimization

Turn-By-Turn Directions

Get full navigation-style directions along your entire route, including road names and toll road indications, durations for each segment and the entire trip, plus the total estimated travel time. Try a Demo

Define Service Areas

Improve your business strategy by defining an operating area based on maximum times or distances either to or from a specified location, with a wide range of customization options. Try a Demo

Routing in North America

ThinkGeo Cloud Routing works anywhere in the United States, Canada and Mexico, plus select Central American countries including Belize, Cuba, Guatemale, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Nicaragua.*

* Global routing support will arrive in 2019.

Easy Access with Native Clients

Custom-designed API clients for the ThinkGeo Cloud make accessing all of our GIS web services a breeze. Choose from .NET or JavaScript, with more languages coming soon.


Routing Features

Enhance your applications with interactive routing and navigation by making a simple request to the ThinkGeo Cloud Routing web service. You'll enjoy the following features, with more coming soon.


Point-To-Point Routing

Detailed road data. The ThinkGeo Cloud Routing service gathers road data from a multitude of sources and is kept up to date regularly to ensure accuracy. Routes are returned with full line geometry for the entire path for display on a map.

Time and distance. Each route calculated also returns the total mileage and estimated duration of travel, in units of your choice.

Full driving directions. Our detailed turn-by-turn route directions offer clear guidance for vehicles in the field, including road names and toll road indicators.

Route through up to 25 waypoints. ThinkGeo Cloud Routing is about more than just getting from A to B. Specify up to 25 stops and we'll plot the shortest route through each of them in order. Need a solution for the Traveling Salesman Problem? We'll be adding TSP functionality in late 2019, so stay tuned.



Service Area Finder

Maximize efficiency. Find your fleet's ideal operating area given up to four different ranges of either time of distance.

Route to or from any origin. Any point on our routing service's road network can be used as either the origin or destination of your vehicles or mobile assets.

Enhance your maps. Get the polygons representing your service areas so you can display them on interactive maps, make spatial queries or perform other analysis.

Adjustable detail. A full range of options allow you to customize the granularity and detail level of the returned areas, receive output geometry in polygons or linestrings, and more.

Service Area Interactive Demo

See the Pen Get Service Area by ThinkGeo (@thinkgeocodepen) on CodePen.

Cloud-Based GIS Server

ThinkGeo Cloud can be accessed from anywhere using simple RESTful web requests, so you can serve up great looking maps, or provide routing or geocoding to a variety of client applications.
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Always Online

No Infrastructure to Maintain

Simple Transaction Model

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