Geocoding SDK

A customizable geocoding engine that you can embed in your own .NET applications. Features a rich plugin model that enables almost limitless expansion.

Customizable Geocoding Engine for Your Apps

Based on an extensible plugin model, ThinkGeo's geocoding SDK is an incredibly customizable geocoding solution that can be embedded and used offline.

Native .NET SDK

The ThinkGeo Geocoding SDK is a .NET native component that enables .NET developers to add geocoding features to their own custom applications.


Don't worry about how many people will be using your application. ThinkGeo's easy and affordable licensing makes it possible to distribute your projects royalty-free.

Develop In Visual Studio

Enjoy the familiar Visual Studio development experience you've come to expect, with rich IntelliSense and code completion hints.


Design Features

Comprehensive geocoding coverage of the entire United States with street-level accuracy.


United States Coverage with Street-Level Detail

Data Sources. ThinkGeo's Geocoding SDK is built upon TIGER data sourced from the United States Census Bureau.

Convert addresses into coordinates. Convert an address into a geographic coordinate (latitude and longitude). Need resulting points in a local projection? Simply specify the spatial reference system ID or Proj4 projection string and our built-in projection engine will do the work.

Precision geocoder with customizable results. Use fuzzy matching to process string input in varying formats and of various quality. Search for similarly-named cities, streets, states, even zip codes, even if you're not sure of what you're looking for.



Why ThinkGeo Geocoding?

High performance. When you geocode locally with ThinkGeo's geocoding SDK, you get the highest possible number of requests per second.

Batch processing. Have a group of addresses that need to be geocoded? Submit them all in a single request and get coordinates back in matching order.

Detailed metadata. Each geocoding request can bring back FIPS codes, U.S. census tracts and blocks, even which side of the street the result is on.

Fuzzy matching. Not sure if your input data is accurate? Our fuzzy matching mode will look for similar results based on spelling and Soundex.


Geocoding Demos

See how to test the quality of the Map Suite Geocoder component by searching for addresses anywhere around the world.

Geocoding Address

Convert place names into valuable information, including coordinate, nearby POIs etc.

Parse Address

Divide a free-form address text into its individual components, such as house number, street type, street name, zipcode, state, city or country etc.


Daily Builds via NuGet

Map Suite allows you to be plugged into the development process by getting your feature requests and bug fixes delivered daily through NuGet.
Daily Builds via NuGet

Daily product builds. Our developer components build each night, allowing you to get bugs and features turned around quickly. Watch new features as we work on them, and help shape their direction by offering your own thoughts through our community forums.

Get updates via NuGet. NuGet allows you to stay up to date with the latest builds of Map Suite effortlessly - just add the NuGet reference and get notification when changes are available.

Developer and production channels. We distribute our NuGet packages in two different feeds. The first is a developer feed, which is the latest daily build with experimental features and changes. The second, a production feed, is designed to only show stopping bug fixes since the last public release, for maximum stability and compatibility.

See more details on how to install Map Suite on Wiki

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