Supported Platforms

Write native mobile apps for Android and iOS by combining the power of Xamarin and ThinkGeo UI mobile controls.


Add interactive maps and professional-grade GIS to your Android apps.


Add interactive maps and professional-grade GIS to your iPhone® and iPad® apps.

Build Your Project with Mobile UI Controls

An extensive use of Mobile UI Controls.You will have a great experience while developing with it.

Write Native Mobile Apps

Combine the power of Map Suite and Xamarin to rapidly create maps for iOS and Android devices.

Develop In Visual Studio

Writing native mobile apps doesn't have to mean unfamiliar tools and languages. You can use Microsoft Visual Studio to complete your app.

Daily Builds via NuGet

Stay up to date with latest features and bug fixes the moment they arrive.



Developer components for Android and iOS

Rich native apps using Xamarin. Using Xamarin, your Map Suite project will compile to a native binary — not interpreted, and not just a web app in a native wrapper.

Built-in GIS touch events. Make your apps easier to use with features such as panning, pinch zooming, and tap events.

Create interactive maps. Quickly build maps that allow editing, as well as draggable markers with customizable balloon popups. Simply tap to draw lines, polygons and more — or use a stylus for ultimate precision. We make it easy for you to call out points of interest and display contextual information.

Empower mobile GPS device development. Coupling the portability of mobile devices, the ubiquity of GPS hardware, and Map Suite you have a powerful platform for building amazing user friendly applications your users can take into the field.

Developer components for Android and iOS
Many Supported Formats


Many Supported Formats

Reads and writes many vector formats. Map Suite Mobile UI Controls come with support for the most popular formats baked right in.

Support of Windows Native Image and GeoTiff. Large imagery is not a problem with Map Suite, as we support all of the “big data” formats, such as GeoTiff, PNG, JPEG etc.

Easily integrate custom formats and structures. With a little subclassing you can create a custom class that exposes your data and structures through our plug and play FeatureSource and FeatureLayer system.

Real-time data sources for moving assets. Plot your real-time data sources with our dynamic refresh system. Only redrawing the layers or regions that were updated means lightning fast refresh times.

See Map Suite Data Format Guide on our Wiki


Visually Stunning Styles

Full control over map styling. Use pre-existing styles, create your own styles, you have full control to design visually stunning maps.

Dozens of built-in styles. We include dozens of pre-built styles that we use ourselves on which covers an entire world worth of data. Use them as-is or tweak them for your own custom look - the choice is yours.

Visualize and analyze. Analyze your data visually using styles such as Isolines, heat map, class break, grid, etc. And it's easy to create your own custom styles to suit your needs. See our wiki sample for examples of custom styles.

Advanced labeling. Label your data with our advanced labeling system, which includes support for anti-collision in and across layers, leader lines, splining, density control, dynamic sizing, abbreviation, and is fully extensible. Examples of custom labeling styles are on our wiki.

Code Portability Between Platforms

Save time and money by using the same GIS styling, querying, data access, and geometry code between all of our various platforms.

Stack Specific Code (13%)


OS Specific Code (2%)


PCL Shared Code (85%)

Map Suite PCL Core

Reduce Development Time

We find that users can share about 85% of their code when targeting multiple different Map Suite platforms, thus, drastically cutting development time.

Uses Portable Class Libraries

Microsoft's Portable Class Library (PCL) technology allows you to share binaries across all of todays and tomorrow's .NET based platforms.

Leverage Existing Skills

With the Map Suite Core targeting Microsoft's PCL, you can be assured of a uniform API across all your editions, making knowledge easily transferable between platforms.


Daily Builds via NuGet

Map Suite allows you to be plugged into the development process by getting your feature requests and bug fixes delivered daily through NuGet.

Daily product builds. Our developer components build each night, allowing you to get bugs and features turned around quickly. Watch new features as we work on them, and help shape their direction by offering your own thoughts through our community forums.

Get updates via NuGet. NuGet allows you to stay up to date with the latest builds of Map Suite effortlessly - just add the NuGet reference and get notification when changes are available.

Developer and production channels. We distribute our NuGet packages in two different feeds. The first is a developer feed, which is the latest daily build with experimental features and changes. The second, a production feed, is designed to only show stopping bug fixes since the last public release, for maximum stability and compatibility.

See more details on how to install Map Suite on Wiki

Interactive Demos

Explore the demo projects we've put together with the ThinkGeo UI family of .NET map controls and components. Get a feel for what you can do and how easy it is to start building your own interactive maps in our demo center.
ThinkGeo UI Demo
ThinkGeo UI Demo
ThinkGeo UI Demo

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