Routing Extension

Use Routing Extension to embed highly customized maps with other applications.

Embed Routing Extension Into Your Client Application

This native .NET component gives your Map Suite applications the power to find the shortest path from A to B, deliver turn-by-turn directions, avoid specified areas, optimize for the Travelling Salesperson Problem and much more.

A GIS solution for .NET developers

The Map Suite Routing Extension enables developers to incorporate route mapping into the Map Suite applications that they build using Microsoft's .NET Framework.


Don't worry about how many people will be using your application. Map Suite's easy and affordable licensing makes it possible to distribute your projects royalty-free.

Develop In Visual Studio

To develop with Map Suite Routing, you’ll need Visual Studio, or alternatively, Visual Studio Express.


Features & Capabilities

This native .NET component gives your Map Suite applications the power to find the shortest path from A to B, deliver turn-by-turn directions, avoid specified areas, optimize for the Travelling Salesperson Problem and much more.

Basic Features

Adds routing to your Map Suite GIS component Extends Map Suite WPF Desktop, WinForms Desktop, MVC, Web, Services or Silverlight Editions to provide a seamless routing and driving directions upgrade.

Start mapping routes in a few lines of code Add the Routing Extension DLL and a few lines of code to your Map Suite application, and you'll be up and running in minutes.

Take full control of your routes Generate the type of route you need for your particular application, with options including route types, areas to avoid, and lots more.

Choice of routing algorithms Select from Dijkstra, A* and Bidirectional, or write your own.

Flexible Transaction Usage & Reporting
Flexible Transaction Usage & Reporting

Advanced Features

Customizable avoidances Route based on custom conditions (avoid highways, use high-speed roads only, use pedestrian walkways for foot travel, etc.).

Optimize for the Travelling Salesperson Problem Generate routes optimized for the Travelling Salesperson Problem, when you want to find the most efficient route through several predetermined points.

Waypoints and service areas With Map Suite Routing, it's easy to add a stop along your way. Map Suite Routing will automatically calculate the best path through all of them. You can also define service ranges based on limits of speed and time.

Customizable data sources Map Suite Routing is as customizable as your Map Suite GIS component. You can route on almost any map data supported by Map Suite, generate routing-optimized datasets or even write your own routing source.

Learn by example with bundled applications Map Suite Routing comes with a complete set of sample applications that let you see how to implement and control all of its powerful features. You'll be integrating them into your own projects in no time!


Routing Demos

Use Map Suite Routing and see how to get turn-by-turn directions, insert waypoints, route around roadblocks and more.

Turn-by-turn Direction

Find the fastest or shortest turn-by-turn direction route based on the road segments or coordinates you choose. Routes can accumulate any number of cost values such as distance, time, slope, or other flow attributes.

Service Area

Show how to generate a service area which can be reached from a location within a given time or travel distance.

Avoiding Specific Area

Demonstrate how to avoid certain areas, whether it is a traffic jam or restricted area.


Daily Builds via NuGet

Map Suite allows you to be plugged into the development process by getting your feature requests and bug fixes delivered daily through NuGet.

Daily product builds. Our developer components build each night, allowing you to get bugs and features turned around quickly. Watch new features as we work on them, and help shape their direction by offering your own thoughts through our community forums.

Get updates via NuGet. NuGet allows you to stay up to date with the latest builds of Map Suite effortlessly - just add the NuGet reference and get notification when changes are available.

Developer and production channels. We distribute our NuGet packages in two different feeds. The first is a developer feed, which is the latest daily build with experimental features and changes. The second, a production feed, is designed to only show stopping bug fixes since the last public release, for maximum stability and compatibility.

See more details on how to install Map Suite on Wiki

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