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Whether you’re designing a mobile app, building desktop experiences or crafting enterprise-ready tools, ThinkGeo’s suite of cloud-based GIS services, UI controls and SDKs empower you to deliver rich interactive maps, spatial analysis and more.


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ThinkGeo Cloud

Tile Service

Vector Map Tiles

ThinkGeo Maps Vector is a cloud-based service that delivers high-performance, lightweight, modern vector map tiles that are rendered on the client side. Choose from one of our professionally-designed map themes for your application or project, or create your own custom themes.

All of the above maps (except for aerial photometry) are ThinkGeo vector tiles styled and rendered in the browser with our open-source VectorMap.js library. Vector tiles can also be consumed with ThinkGeo's Map Suite UI Controls for Desktop or Mobile, version 10.5 or higher.


Raster Map Tiles


ThinkGeo Maps Raster is a cloud-based tiled map service that delivers raster map images, either via simple XYZ requests or OGC-compliant Web Map Service (WMS) calls. ThinkGeo Maps Raster service supports five different map themes: Light, Dark, Aerial, Hybrid and Transparent-Background.



SDK for Elevation

ThinkGeo's VectorMap.js is an open-source JavaScript library for rendering vector tiles and other vector data formats with beautiful, customizable styling. It's the best way for you to display rich vector map data in a browser context.


Other Cloud Services


ThinkGeo SDKs


Open Source