Map Icon Fonts

A free set of vector-based, resizable and customizable icons to liven up your web-based maps. Use them with ThinkGeo's vector map tiles or your own projects.


ThinkGeo’s free map icon fonts gives you a complete set of vector-based, easily-customizable icons for the most common and popular points of interest. Delivered as a web font with full cross-browser compatibility, these icons will bring your maps and other GIS projects to life with ease. Client-side rendering means you have complete control over the size and color of each icon, along with the ability to apply CSS effects like rotation, animation, outlines and more.

Our map icon font is designed as a complete icon family, with more than 250 common point-of-interest (POI) icons that include parks, traffic, public services, landmarks and more, and is provided free of charge under the Apache 2.0 license.


Included Icons


Map Icons In Action

See how ThinkGeo’s map icon fonts liven up this rich vector map of downtown Washington, D.C.

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